Jakob Lammel

Hi, I am Jakob

Amateur Photographer & Hobby Tinkerer & Student

As someone who grew up around good food (thanks mom), eating fresh was always something that was natural in my family. Going to a culinary school still might not have been my best idea, as I learnt quickly that I am no cook. But it showed me the amazing beauty you can put on a single plate.

The Atmosphere in a kitchen can be fascinating. Loaded with pressure,every move becomes critical, every minute important, every smell indistinguishable. Every part gets planned and every touch could ruin hours of work. For a skilled cook, a plate is more than just a white piece of china. Its a piece of canvas - and jus, mash, vegetables and meat become his paint.

To me, seeing a plate getting arranged was always something fascinating. Every plate is a picture, passing away within minutes. Its days of work, concentrated in just a moment.

Thats why I love taking photos.